Behavior Specialist Consultant | Mobile Therapy


Behavior Specialist Consultant:

The BSC is an individual who possesses specific expertise in behavior management techniques. He or she may be called upon to design and direct the implementation of a behavioral modification plan. The BSC provides assessment, identifies behavior goals and interventions, monitors the implementation of the plan, and provides consultation to all members of the team.

Mobile Therapy:

The MT service is child-centered, family-focused psychotherapy provided in the child’s natural context where the child is experiencing emotional and behavior difficulties. This service is not provided in an office setting, but rather, is rendered in the child’s home and/or school setting.

Therapeutic Staff Support | Outpatient Counseling

Therapeutic Staff Support:

TSS service is supportive, time-limited, one-to-one behavioral health intervention provided to a child whose level of severity is such that it interferes or limits the child’s ability to function in his natural context. This service may be provided in a variety of settings, including the child’s home, day care center, school, group home, etc.

Outpatient Counseling

Family Enrichment Center provides therapeutic service to children, adults and families in our comfortable office environment.

Group Counseling

Family Enrichment Center provides various types of groups for children and adults.