Our Story

Family Enrichment Center began in 1996. We started out of a small, third floor office near Philadelphia as a small private practice, with only one other employee to help us with our mission. We were two people who had a vision of how to integrate therapeutic services into the community. We desired to bridge the gap between social service resources and community resources. Both founders made a leap from other jobs, with little monetary resources, to embark on an unknown path, with only a commitment to children and families.  We had a strong belief that the success of our services depended greatly on the strengths of the family, the willingness of the community to support the family, and our ability to collaborate effectively with families and community support systems (e.g. schools, daycares).  

In 1997 we discovered that the northeast counties were in need of behavioral health services. We decided to focus our efforts in the region with a desire to serve families in need.  We have been providing services in the Scranton and surrounding counties for more than a decade. Today, we have grown to serving many families using a number of committed staff.  Although we have grown, we still retain our vision, commitment and principles. Our great staff exemplify our mantra of being "centered on the family" and "teamwork and patient care as paramount".

Co-Owners / Co-Founders

Michael Matthews, Ph.D.
President, Licensed Psychologist, Founder
Dr. Matthews has been providing services to children, adults and families for over three decades. His experience includes working in residential settings, partial hospitalization, community mental health and private practice. Mike's roles have been as therapist, consultant, and supervisor. He manages all clinical aspects of our agency. This includes performing psychological evaluations, providing direct supervision, facilitating trainings and clinical orientations, and developing various clinical modalities of treatment.

Timothy R. Drennen, M.A.
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Mr. Drennen has been creating, developing, and managing children's and adult programs for over two decades. His experience includes working in residential facilities, juvenile justice centers, private practice, and community mental health agencies. Tim has held positions as counselor, therapist, coordinator, supervisor, and director. Tim’s role at FEC is overseeing the administrative and operational management functions. This includes program expansion and development, negotiating contractual issues, forming and maintaining community relationships, personnel issues, and financial and budgetary issues.